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Soursop Powder, 70g.

Soursop Powder, 70g.

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Discover a whole new world of flavor with our organic Soursop Powder! Enjoy the full-bodied, tangy taste of this exotic tropical fruit in every spoonful and savor the unforgettable aroma. Whether as a topping, add-in, or ingredient, our 70g bag of Soursop Powder is the perfect way to add a sweet and sour kick to your dish!  Treatment for cancer, also an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Helps in lowering high blood pressure, depression, stress and normalises the nervous system.


1. Antihemorrhagic Effect/Anticoagulant Properties. ...
2. Antidiabetic Effect. ...
3. Effect on Lowering Cholesterol. ...
4. Antioxidant Properties. ...
5. Effect on the Blood Pressure Level. ...
6.Apoptosis-Inducing Properties.

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