THE COLLECTIVE is a compilation of service providers that we think are essential to every day living. It is sometimes so difficult for people to find good service providers so we want to bring the services that we think are awesome, to our clients.



(Life, Health, Business and Grief Coaching)



Kristyne Twum is a Pharmacist and a Wellness Consultant. She is an American Board certified Life Coach and a Transformational Personal Development, Health and Grief Coach as well as a Motivational Speaker.



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With a degree in Marketing & Management and over 6 years experience in this field, Liz is offering freelance social media marketing services for companies.

From simple advert/poster creation to running your social media account(s), get in touch to find out what Liz can do for you. 

Whatsapp - +44 7903 799 870 

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P4 Pilates is the first fully-equipped Pilates studio of its kind in Accra, Ghana, offering an exclusive and very personalised wellness experience.

Breathing is our guiding principle. With each intended breath we aim to guide you to the here and now, where you can shed away stress and simply enjoy effortless movement. Our studio is a personal space. Your space. So that you can be as comfortable and as inspired as possible to reach the perfect harmony between your mind and body.

With two studios in Airport Residential Area and Cantonment, we are ready to welcome you so you disconnect to connect.

Find out more at: or call +233 (0) 557202333






Dr. A.N. Arthur is the Spine Specialist in charge of the Mercedarian Chiropractic  Clinic located in Awuletey Street, Osu, Accra. He has over 30 years of experience after graduating from A.C.E.N.A. in Malaga, Spain.

He specialises in techniques used in correcting complex chronic degenerative conditions of the spine. These include backaches, slip disc lumbago, herniated disc, sciatica and scoliosis. Pain such as frozen shoulder, pulling, weakness and  numbness in the legs, persistent chronic headaches and sports injuries.

Contact: +233 24 427 6414






GENTRUST is a corporate trustee licensed by the National Pension Regulatory Authority to operate as a pension fund trustee and pension fund administrator. The company seeks to provide trustee services to ensure Ghanaians a very comfortable position after years of hard work.

GENTRUST has a strong backbone of experienced professionals who have worked in the financial sectors both in Ghana and abroad. Our dynamic approach makes us stand tall as we protect the interest of our clients at all times and keep them updated by providing them with feedback on the role they have entrusted in us.

With a policy that reflects integrity at all times, our service standards involves transparent processes, with the goal of meeting customer satisfaction goals at all times.


We provide Trustee Services in the form of:

Tier 2: A mandatory contributory scheme with monthly contributions of 5% on the basic salary of all employees. Tier 2 is a defined contribution scheme which is fully tax-exempt and privately managed by approved trustees licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).

The scheme will pay out a lump-sum benefit to individuals upon retirement, which is comprised of all contributions made under the scheme plus all returns earned on their contributions.

Tier 3: A voluntary fully funded and privately managed provident fund and personal pension scheme for welfare groups, associations and individuals who want a comfortable retirement.

Contact us:  0302 731 048|0508129515|0543445524  







Green Gold Gardens is an urban-based garden centre conceived as an experiential green space for lovers of plants and garden-related ornaments, furniture and services. Created to offer a safe and green haven where visitors can simply visit and enjoy a variety of flora, Green Gold Gardens also runs a Plant clinic for clients who choose to bring in their "sick" plants for rehabilitation. In addition, we have the ideal space for various in-person and online eco-friendly workshops. Ultimately, Green Gold Gardens aims to be a one-stop shop for the exchange of knowledge, creativity and passion for all things gardening.

Location: No.1 Efua Sutherland Road, Dzorwulu, Accra

Tel: +233 24650 8388 / 50 324 4447 




It’s been all about our sandwiches. The main characters in our story, we’ve churned out thousands of them since 1997. Cuppa Cappuccino was listed by Ventures Africa as one of the leading cafés in Africa. Our mission is to provide our clients with a cozy, comfortable space where they can enjoy great food and music. Our focus has been recently to push local products and we currently feature organic Ghanaian coffee on our menu. The addition of fresh juices in exciting mixes such as the Hibiscus Spritzer and our organic Lemonade supports this focus. Our vision is to have more control over the ingredients that we use for our clients. We’re constantly evolving, finding ways to make the space more exciting, whilst maintaining that calm Zen that is crucial to us and our customers.

Location: No.6 Adomi Link, Volta Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra

Contact: +233 (0) 24-820-4441 / 24-017-8611


The Most Def Foundation is a Ghanaian organisation that exists to support deaf teens and young adults. We enable them to live full lives, free from poverty and inequality. The vision of the foundation is to train, mentor and ensure the inclusion of deaf teenagers in the workplace.  Our long-term goal is to establish a campus for training and equipping deaf teenagers to gain careers, financial independence, and the chance to contribute their gifts and skills to the world.

Most Def will be partnering with a range of businesses to provide internship and possible future employment opportunities for the students.  This will help them gain practical experience, grow confidence, and become independent. 

Location: No.6 Adomi Link, Volta Street, Airport Residential Area, Accra

Contact: +233 (0) 24-820-4441 / 24-017-8611





 Contact: +233 244-677-598 / 248-151-438