Our Story


Kristyne after returning from the UK, realised there were so many pharmacies in the country and she wanted to do something different to support her local community and decided to create a 'natural pharmacy'.

She based the concept of the company on the UK's Holland & Barrett Stores but the focus was to highlight Ghana's rich culture, resources and fantastic products.

The passion is to empower customers to put their health into their own hands and take control of their health. We do this by providing a wide range of natural health products and services such as our Whole Foods, Beauty, Consultancy and Coaching sections which provides physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Together, these provide a 360 degree natural health solution.

With many ‘Made in Ghana’ products we support our local entrepreneurs and highlight the best of our natural resources.

We are also passionate about our environment and our packaging as most of our products are packaged in paper or glass bottles as we work towards zero packaging for our products. We are also encouraging our vendors to use eco-friendly packaging methods.

So with all natural whole foods and products, natural beauty products, health, energy and wellness consultations and transformational coaching sessions you really are getting a 360 degree natural health solution.


Kristyne is a Pharmacist, Wellness Consultant, Energy Healer, an American Board Certified NLP Life Coach, a Transformational Personal Development, Health and Grief Coach and a Motivational Speaker.