Good morning, many thanks for the items. I'm enjoying my coffee with the coffee press. Thanks for taking the tine to explain everything to me. Good customer service!

- Daniel Akutei



Kedar Health was a lifesaver for me during a time I was battling with onset terminal illness, my dietary requirements changed drastically. There were so many thing I could no longer tolerate or digest. Kedar health to the rescue with everything I need from whole foods, fresh vegetables to essential oils and advice. They also helped a lot as a reliable supplier during my recovery and maintenance period. The biggest bonus was also their quality of customer service and delivery. Pleasant and knowledgeable sales persons, delivery always prompt often to my surprise in a shorter than indicated time frame. I could return or exchange anything without fuss or argument. It has been and continues to be a pleasure having them there. I can honestly say I've yet to have a bad experience with them.

- Delores Maxwell




 Very proactive, courteous service. Informative and effective.

- Oluwayemisi Parker




I was looking for a product which Kedar Health didn't stock. They went out of their way to source it for me. Great customer service!

- Aba Wayoma Nicol-Hayfron




I absolutely love the CedarGuard Tea! I drink it daily and I especially like the version with Moringa. Every time I feel a bit unwell, I find that this tea really does help me feel better. I would highly recommend buying this - it really makes a difference.

- Liz Kamille




I received a Christmas Hamper last year with some CedarLane goodies. One of the items was the Rosemary Herb Salt. I used it to season my pork chops - I could not believe the transformation. I used it in an omelette - OMG! It soon became my seasoning of choice. It adds that extra umph to dishes. My jollof Rice is quite the hit these days! If I was stranded on an island and could only have 3 items.... my herb salt is definitely coming along. I highly recommend you pick up a jar the next time you are at CedarLane. You will not regret it.

- Akua Lartey



CedarLane's Moringa Powder gives me so much energy. It helps with my mental clarity, relieves body pain and enhances my performance. I feel like a real man! It's definitely a 5-star product for me!

- Emmanuel Danquah




Kristyne introduced me to the Whole Foods & Beauty products from the very beginning and I have been a loyal customer since day one! They have been a tremendous help in my healthy lifestyle journey.

- Angie Tetteh



I follow Kedar Health on Instagram and Facebook. I've always wanted to order products from them, since a lot of the products are made in Ghana and I wouldn't be able to find them in the US. Luckily for me, I had money sitting in an account in Ghana and I was able to get some great products. Ms. Kristyne and Gifty made the process so easy for me to place my order and get it shipped to the US. They were very professional and I received my items earlier than expected. When I visit Ghana again, I will definitely visit the store and bring items back with me. I recommend this shop to everyone.

- Monie Love



Ms. Kristyne has been a “breath of fresh air” in my life. I had previously been looking for a life coach/therapist to help me work through my issues but the people I came across just didn’t seem genuine. I prayed on it and had the faith that one day, I would meet someone that was my perfect match and that was Ms Kristyne. She has a way of helping me see issues from a different perspective. She is also very kind and is here to empower and build people up. I would recommend her to anyone who has life goals and is need of guidance to get to the finish line

-A.J Oku



I've had anxiety for a long time. It usually comes up when I'm in a group of people and it's been preventing me from living my life fully. Ms Kristyne has helped me through this after a few coaching sessions and I'm more confident now and able to talk and interact with people. I thank her very much!

- Maxwell Nkansah



I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, a common infection but still very troublesome and  uncomfortable. I began to use the Vaginne to see if it would be useful, and it was! After a couple of days, I noticed the odour had disappeared and the infection was clearing up. I always feel so fresh after using it. The gel's aroma is enticing! It's the best feature of the product in my opinion. A really great product that every woman should have.

- Ewurabena Ofori