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LOAQ LIVING Fragranced Cleaning Tablets (Pack of 12)

LOAQ LIVING Fragranced Cleaning Tablets (Pack of 12)

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LOAQ Living is a fragrance focused cleaning range that promotes clean cleaning, paired with the luxury of rich aromas filling your surroundings.

The products are handmade using plant based and food acid ingredients. All you have to do is add water!

Available in Lost in Lilac, Stay Away, Lost in Lilac Spray.


  • When mopping, add 1-2 tablets in half a bucket of water
  • Use 1 tablet in water as a pre-wash for your clothes
  • Put 1 tablet in your wardrobe to help freshen your clothes or shoes
  • Put a tablet in your toilet cistern to clean and freshen your toilet
  • Dissolve tablets in a spray bottle to clean surfaces
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