Health and Wellness Programs/ LifeSong Coaching Sessions.

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A Life Coach is someone who works side by side with you. They listen, educate, motivate, and encourage you by providing a safe place of trust and confidentiality. Together we will set goals, hold accountability, and through this unique partnership will nurture and guide you to your optimal level of health and wellness by addressing your lifestyle environments, foods, and the importance of implementing self care.

Do you need to get healthy and stay fit? Do you need help with your nutrition?

Do you need motivation? Or you need help to set some goals?

Are you sad, depressed, anxious, unhappy and need to talk? Are you overwhelmed with life, emotionally and mentally?

Do you need mentoring?

Do you have problems in your relationships or are you in conflict with someone? 

Have you lost a loved one and feel lost and crippled with grief?

Then consider coming in for:

  • A Health and Wellness Check
  • Nutrition Assessment with tailored nutrition guides
  • Recipes, Personal Shopping and cooking classes
  • An NLP-based Life, Personal Development or Mentoring Sessions
  • A Grief Coaching Session
  • A Pranic (Energy) Healing Session.

Our Health and Wellness programs will nurture you in attaining your optimum health and wellness goals and your first consultation includes a FREE EAR CHECK.