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LAB TEST - Covid Tests

LAB TEST - Covid Tests

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Covid-19 Antigen Test:

Biozek Medical have created a highly accurate, UK approved, COVID-19 test which provides 93.3% accurate results within 15 minutes.

Biozek Medical was the first company to introduce Antibody Tests for COVID-19 to the world. Now they have introduced the fastest and most accurate pregnancy style COVID-19 test to the market.

The Biozek COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device detects SARSCoV-2 viral antigens through visual interpretation of colour development. Book yours now and get tested. 

RT-PCR Covid-19 Test:

RT-PCR is the laboratory test of choice. It is the most sensitive, giving you the most accurate result. Recommended for individuals who show symptoms of a SARS-CoV-2 infection or who may have been exposed.

Sample required: Either Nasopharyngeal swab or Throat swab for PCR testing. 

Availability of results: Regular = 24 - 48Hrs.

Getting tested is easy!
Book your appointment online below or walk-In to complete the questionnaire. Note that passport details will be required for those who will need the test certificate for travel purposes. 

How will I get my results?
Depending on which test you do, your results will be available within 12Hrs – 60 hours.

Results can be sent via email or Whatsapp upon request.




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