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Koflet Cough Syrup with Honey, 100ml, Himalaya

Koflet Cough Syrup with Honey, 100ml, Himalaya

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Himalaya Koflet Syrup brings you trusted ingredients of Ayurveda for cough relief that also doubles up as a vital expectorant. It has 25 per cent honey that has a medicinal formulation to reduce a chronic, acute, and dry cough. 


  • Himalaya Koflet helps in relieving cough and facilitates the movement of mucus out of your body.
  • Has holy basil that contains antihistamine properties that are helpful in the protection and treatment of pollen-induced broncho spasms.
  • Packed to the brim with antimicrobial and anti-allergic properties.
  • Honey has anti-inflammatory powers to effectively relieve the respiratory tract.
  • Builds up your immunity to reduce cough and inflammation.
  • Helpful for people with cough from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and smoker's cough.


Holy Basil, Honey, Licorice roots

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