Hibiscus and Ginger Tea, Dalgety Teas, 18 Teabags

Hibiscus and Ginger Tea, Dalgety Teas, 18 Teabags

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Dalgety’s Ginger & Sorrel (hibiscus) blend entices you with its delicious quenching sorrel fruity flavour, spiced with natural dried Ginger from the tropics. 

Sorrel with it's naturally high vitamin ‘C’ flower is the most favourite of drinks for people of the Caribbean on a Christmas morning.

Natural fruity flavour spiced smoothly with ginger. When chilled and drunk cold, is considered the most delicious of all tropical drinks.

Ingredients: 40% Sorrel/Hibiscus, 40% Pure Ginger, 20% Lemongrass, Caffeine free. 

  • Sorrel/Hibiscus & Ginger Herbal Tea helps boost eyesight, lowers blood pressure
  • Hibiscus & Ginger Herbal Tea strengthen the immune system
  • improve digestion
  • The 100% Natural ingredients in Hibiscus & Ginger Tea increases circulation and increase energy levels
  • The Health Benefits of Hibiscus Ginger Tea strengthens heart health and improve kidney health

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