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Granola Bites, Share, 60g

Granola Bites, Share, 60g

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Cocoa | Cashew | Coconut


The combination of Cocoa, Cashew and Coconut is as exotic and tropical as it comes. This Oats-based snack leaves you with a curiosity for more and provides a full-up feel to last you a while.

Ingredients: Pure Oats (gluten free), Cashew, Cocoa Powder, Coconut, Vitamin E Oil, Honey, Brown Rice Syrup


Tiger Nuts | Baobab



With Tiger Nuts and Baobab as the chief ingredients, this variety offers a rich blend of vitamins, amino-acids and anti-oxidants whiles achieving a unique but delicious taste that you simply cannot resist.

Ingredients: Pure Oats (gluten free), Tiger Nut, Baobab, Cashew, Vitamin E Oil, Honey, Brown Rice Syrup


Super Fruits | Ginger | Moringa


This Ginger and Moringa combination offers you a beautiful and delightful taste. To the health-food lover, Moringa, rich in minerals and vitamins is always a favourite.

Ingredients: Pure Oats (gluten free), Ginger, Moringa, Cashew, Pineapple, Banana, Peanuts, Mango, Papaya, Vitamin E Oil, Honey, Brown Rice Syrup  

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