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Ginger & Lemon Infusion, 20 Teabags, Afro Tea

Ginger & Lemon Infusion, 20 Teabags, Afro Tea

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Lemon Ginger tea infusion gives you a tasteful tea cup combining the sharp, tangy taste of Lemon and hot and zesty taste of Ginger. The hot brew of Lemon Ginger tea will also create an inspiring aroma. 

Herbal combination of lemon and ginger will boost the immune system, brings instant relief from nausea, support to reduce the body weight, and lower the impact of diabetes.

Health benefits of lemon ginger infusion: 

  • Improves the Digestion 
  • Boost your Immune System 
  • Brings relief from Nausea 
  • Reduces the body weight 
  • Promotes a glowing skin & nourishing hair 


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