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Crystals - Black Tourmaline, The Protection and Grounding Stone

Crystals - Black Tourmaline, The Protection and Grounding Stone

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Popularly seen as a protective stone, black tourmaline has been known to offer safety, cleansing and grounding to those who possess it. Black tourmaline emits supportive energy which aligns the energy centers of the body and channels healing both physically and mentally.

The stone is known to offer a sense of power and self-confidence, so it is often carried in difficult circumstances and challenging situations.



  • Hold a piece of black tourmaline in your hand for a few minutes when you feel that you need to boost your concentration and dispel distractions around you. 
  • Place a black tourmaline stone in your home or workplace to soothe you and guard you against stressors.
  • Keep black tourmaline near you during meditation to help cleanse your mind of negetive thoughts, anxieties, and feelings of anger.
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