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Crystals- Amethyst, The Intuition & Stress Reliever Stone

Crystals- Amethyst, The Intuition & Stress Reliever Stone

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The Amethyst crystal has a rich history and a signature deep-blue hue. Associated with wealth and luxury, its use has largely been in jewellery, especially religious and aristocratic circles.

Best known for trust, intuition and spirituality, it’s also considered as the birthstone for February and has a chakra zone of the third eye and the crown.

As a protective stone, amethyst helps to purify the mind, and eases stress and anxiety.


  • Place amethysts in the bathroom - or next to you, on the side, while having a bath - to alleviate anxiety and help stimulate feelings of relaxation 
  • Place amethysts in a living space, like a family room, to assist in familial bonding activities, and provide a feeling of confidence and calm, necessary for open communication 
  • Keep a piece of amethyst in an office space to bring intuition when making difficult decisions in business and to act as stress relief in challenging environments
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