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Chakra Cleanse and Balance, 60 minutes

Chakra Cleanse and Balance, 60 minutes

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The word CHAKRA means wheel and our chakras are spinning energy centres in the body connected to our autonomic nervous system that distributes the flow of vibrating light and energy throughout our body. There are seven chakras positioned throughout our body, starting at the base of the spine extending to the crown of your head. Each chakra has a different purpose, corresponding to specific physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being.

Just like how a mobile phone works, as we dial a number, we send an invisible frequency that is received and processed by the receivers device. 
Our chakras work just like our mobile phones, sending & receiving invisible frequencies from people, nature & the universe and they communicate with the outside world regulating the flow of energy to our body & organs. 


Why you should balance your Chakras

When you experience blockages or imbalance in your chakras, your mind, body, and spirit begin to suffer. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring harmonious and balanced flow of energy throughout the body. When your chakras are well balanced, it brings feelings of well-being, relaxation, stability, and embodiment of yourself.

This therapy is done in an environment of healing frequencies and vibration.


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