Your 2022 Journey to Wellness. Maintaining a healthy mind and body with Kedar Health.

Your 2022 Journey to Wellness. Maintaining a healthy mind and body with Kedar Health.

The Year Ahead

We have coined 2022 as 'The Year of the Phoenix', where we will rise up from the ashes of all that the world has been through over the past 2 years.

It is time to elevate. It is time to step up! 

So as we look towards the year ahead, we would like you to take a second and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are my intentions for this year?
  2. How will I show up for myself and choose myself?
  3. What do I want to look back on with a sense of pride and accomplishment? 

Asking yourselves these questions can bring about some clarity. Clarity in who you want to be, and clarity in what you want to achieve.

Whether you are feeling a little lost or you have clear goals in mind, Kedar Health is here to help. Our aim is to give you a 360 degree outlook on health and wellness - in mind, body and spirit.

We are here to give you tools, resources and recommendations to help you create the best life for yourself.

Let us start the journey...



Our minds are so powerful - we become what we think about. So, let’s make 2022 the year we rejig our thought processes. Let’s make this the year we change the way we think about ourselves and our situations.

How will you choose yourself?

By watering seeds of trust, not seeds of doubt.

How will you show up for yourself?

By tending to the garden that is your mind.

Everything you see, hear, read and consume has an effect, so nurture your mind by CHOOSING to grow. 

Through our Lifesong Consult branch, we help you actualise the life you want, and give you valuable tools to help propel you forward in whatever way you need.



Looking good and feeling good is all about consistency. Consistency in what you put in  your body, as well as consistency in how you think about your body.

So, let's view our bodies as these wonderful vessels carrying all the things that keep us alive. We should nourish them, love them and treat them kindly.

If losing weight is what you wish to accomplish this year, do so for you. Do it to feel good, strong and energised. Do it to feel healthy and confident in yourself. It should not feel like a chore.

So how can we help?

Not only do we have a wide range of products that promote health and wellbeing, we have programs specifically designed to guide you through this journey.



Spiritual wellness is the journey of finding inner calm  and peace, no matter your beliefs or religion. It’s about finding ways to be more in tune with yourself whilst understanding your connection to a higher power.

Set intentions for yourself. Daily, weekly, monthly and for the year.

What do you want?  

You are a powerful being. You have the ability to manifest whatever you want in this world; you may just need a little help along the way.

We offer services such as pranic healing, meditation, and mindfulness sessions and can offer recommendations for yoga, massages and more!


And to help you on this journey...


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