The Benefits of Neem - The herb that heals.

The Benefits of Neem - The herb that heals.

Neem is a natural herb that comes from the Neem tree. It is also known as  Azadirachta indica and Indian lilac. It is also known as the ’Life Giving Tree’. All the different parts of the Neem tree such as the bark, leaves, seeds, flowers, root and fruit can be used in medicine.

Neem has more than 130 different biologically active compounds in it! No wonder it is such an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and a powerful immuno-stimulant. 

In Ayurveda Medicine the primary purpose of neem leaves is in the treatment of vaata disorders or neuromuscular pains. Then there are the other Health benefits such as purifying the blood, preventing the damage caused by free radicals in the body, removing toxins and treating insect bites and ulcers.
Neem leaves 
have anti-bacterial properties which is why it works wonders on infections, burns and any kind of skin problems. It destroys the bacteria that causes infections, stimulates the immune system and encourages rapid healing. 

Benefits of Neem Leaves

  • As a Wound Healer: You can make a paste out of the neem leaves with some water. Dab it onto your wounds or insect bites a few times a day till it heals.
  • No more dandruff: Boil a bunch of neem leaves till the water turns green and allow it to cool. After washing your hair with shampoo, cleanse it with this water.
  • Eye Problems: Boil some neem leaves in water, let it cool completely and use it to wash your eyes. This helps with irritation, tiredness or redness.
  • Treat Acne: Grind a few neem leaves with water to make a paste and apply it daily till the acne dries out. The paste also helps any kind of skin eruptions, dark spots and chronic ulcers.
  • Skin disorders: Turmeric combined with a paste of neem leaves can also be used for itching, eczema, ring worms and some mild skin diseases.
  • Boost immunity: Neem leaf powder with hot water can be used as tea to increase your immunity.

Neem leaf is also used for leprosy, bloody nose, intestinal worms, an upset stomach, loss of appetite, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, fever, diabetes, gum disease, liver problems and birth control.


Neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which is why it works wonders on infections.


Benefits of Neem Flowers

Most parts of the neem tree are very bitter, with the exception of the neem flowers. These flowers can be used fresh, dried or in powdered form. 
They can be used to treat anorexia, nausea, belching and intestinal worms.
 They are also used in aromatherapy for their calming effect.


Neem flowers can be used to treat anorexia, nausea, belching and intestinal worms

Benefits of Neem Twigs and Bark

In Africa and India, you may have seen people chew a neem twig as a make-do toothbrush. It fights germs, maintains the alkaline levels in your saliva, keeps bacteria at bay, treats swollen gums and also gives you whiter teeth. The twig also breaks up into threads which act like bristles that also destroy and prevent plaque.



Neem twig used as a tooth-brush

Benefits of Neem Oil

The Neem oil that is extracted from neem seeds is rich in medicinal properties which makes it such a great ingredient in cosmetics and other beauty products such as  soaps, hair oil, hand wash and many more. It can treat a bunch of skin diseases and is known to be an excellent mosquito repellent. You can mix it with coconut oil and apply it over your body as well.


 Neem Oil


There are many skin benefits of neem oil. Externally neem oil can be used to treat ringworm, head lice, psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections. Topical application of neem oil can also relieve joint and muscle pain, improve skin elasticity and fight acne and pimples.

The astringent properties of neem oil can cure cuts and wounds. The oil also helps relieve dry and itchy skin

1. Anti-Aging

Neem oil contains a high level of antioxidants which protects your skin from free radicals and environmental damage. It is easily absorbed into the skin which helps rejuvenate skin cells and restores elasticity without leaving a greasy feel on your skin. Regular use of neem oil can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, restores a youthful glow, balances skin tone and therefore  fights the most common signs of premature skin ageing.

2. Anti-Acne

Neem oil clears up acne, pimples and blemishes by getting rid of acne causing bacteria and helping to reduce inflammation and redness left behind by pimples and blemishes. 

3. Relieves Eczema

Eczema is a painful inflammatory skin condition characterized by the presence of rashes. These dry, red, irritable and itchy skin rashes can flare up and become cracked leading to secondary infections.

Since neem oil is particularly a rich source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it heals dry and damaged skin by soothing the skin. It relieves redness, swelling and irritation, restores the skin barrier and hydrates the skin.

 4. Fights and Prevents Fungal Infections

Neem oil perhaps is one of the most powerful natural anti-fungal agents and helps to fight nail fungus, athlete’s foot and ringworm. Studies show that neem oil can fight 14 different strains of fungi that cause skin infections in humans.

5. Repair Dry and Damaged Skin

The deep moisturizing action of neem oil can repair dry and damaged skin. And this is one reason you’ll find neem oil in hydrating skin balms, lotions and creams. If you are suffering from dry and itchy skin, neem oil can help you get rid of flakiness, cracks, and uneven skin tone. Neem oil is the ultimate in treating hyperpigmentation. When used regularly, neem oil can slow down the excessive production of melanin, clear up dark patches and pigmentation and gives the skin a glow.



1. Healthy, Shiny Hair

Neem oil is applied to the scalp for healthy, shiny hair. It can be massaged directly onto the scalp before using shampoo by mixing with a carrier oil like Coconut oil.  It helps with thinning hair by strengthening hair from the roots. It promotes hair growth and the quality of your hair.

2. Treats Dandruff

Neem oil is a tried and trusted cure for dry, itchy scalp and dandruff. Most medicated dandruff shampoos utilize neem oil and its regular use can prevent dandruff from coming back. The reason neem oil gets rid of dandruff is that it improves scalp health and maintains the natural pH of your scalp.

3. Treat Head Lice

Neem oil is a safe and effective way to remove head lice. All you have to do is apply neem oil to your hair and leave it overnight. You can then use a fine nit comb to remove lice, eggs the next morning.


1. Dental Care

Dental care products contain neem oil as a main ingredient to keep teeth and gums healthy. Neem oil prevents gum diseases and cavities and also prevents the accumulation of bacteria and other infection causing organisms in the mouth and prevents the gums from being irritated and inflamed.

2. Insect Repellant

Neem oil is one of the most versatile essential oils used in the production of pesticides, fungicides and germicides. The active ingredients contained in neem oil inhibit the growth of insects by interfering with their life cycle. 
Various pet care products which deter ticks and fleas usually contain neem oil. Also, spraying a neem oil mixture in the garden can keep away common garden pests including mites, beetles, termites, ants and nematodes.

To discourage the breeding of mosquitoes, you can spray a mixture of neem oil diluted with water on the area. The characteristic odor of neem oil prevents the breeding of mosquitoes.

3. Disinfectant

Neem oil helps to disinfect minor cuts and wounds and also helps to prevent infections. Diluted neem oil can also be applied to the skin to get rid of warts and cold sores.


Neem, in all its forms is a true herb that heals! What a versatile plant!

Every household should have this super herb available at all times and this is even more important in these times where the most important health benefit to all of us  is to boost our immunity.

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