Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Tackling Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome involves feelings of self-doubt, uncertainty about your talents and abilities, and a sense of unworthiness that doesn’t align with what others think about you.

In short, you think you’ve fooled others into believing you are someone you aren’t.


Where does it come from?

  • Parenting and childhood environment - e.g. pressured to do well in school 
  • Personality traits - e.g. perfectionist tendencies
  • Existing mental health symptoms - e.g. depression or anxiety
  •  New responsibilities - e.g. academically or within your career


So, how do I tackle imposter syndrome?

Here, we will give you a few tips and tricks to help ground yourself and remind you that you are NOT a fraud.


1) Know that you are not alone

There are so many people that go through this. Even those you may admire or idolise can sometimes feel this way.


2) Ask yourself this: “What evidence do I have to PROVE I’m a fraud?"

We often create scenarios that have no true basis and therefore, understanding the lack of evidence may help put your mind at ease.


3) Look at all your successes and things you’ve achieved on your chosen path

Write them down; even the “small” things, and go back to this list when the doubt creeps in.


4) Be open with your friends & family about your thoughts and struggles

They can sometimes bring you back down to Earth by shedding a light and reminding you just how great you are!


5) Try minimising your comparison to others

You are your own person on your own journey. So try and look to those around you as sources of inspiration instead.


6) Understand that you are human

Try not to beat yourself up for feeling this way. If you fall, you will get back up again.

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