This Pandemic !!!! How are we going to get through this?!

This Pandemic !!!! How are we going to get through this?!

I know! What a year it's started out to be!

I remember just a few months ago in late 2020, I heard a few people saying that 2020 should end soon so life could get back to normal. I wondered if COVID-19 would suddenly vanish on the 31st of December. Not only is it still here, it's WORSE!!! The numbers are turning into names and the names are getting closer and closer.

Most of the countries around the world are back in some sort of restrictions or in a full lockdown as the covid numbers continue to grow and we are now experiencing a new strain of the virus.

So, the question is: What do we do? How do we get through this?

As a Naturopath and Transformational Coach, there are 2 main ways in which we can look at how to stay healthy during this pandemic.

  •  Let Food be your Medicine
  • The Body Heals Itself






    Everything we eat must nourish, sustain and heal us. We must eat the foods that power our brains, sharpen our eyesight, glow our skin, redden our blood, clear our lungs, digest easily and detox us. And the most important thing now is to eat the foods that boost our immunity. A body with a strong immune system fights off disease and heals itself.

    We are so blessed in Ghana to have such a range of natural fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds that have awesome health and immunity boosting benefits such as our Prekese (Aidan Fruit), Hwentia (Grains of Selim/ Negro Pepper), Nkitinkiti (Anise Seeds), Kwahu Nsosuain (Turkey Berry), Dawadawa (Locust Bean), Baobab, Sobolo (Hibuscus), Ginger, Garlic, Lemons and much, more more...

    What I have been doing is using some of these natural products to boost my immunity, increase zinc, potassium and iron, clear my lungs and airways and increase my Vitamin C and B's so my body is strong and can heal itself. Some examples are Cedarguard Tea (Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves) which helps with coughs and colds and excess phlegm, Prekese and Moringa Tea helps boost your immunity, Pumpkin seeds which is full of Zinc, Blackstrap Molasses which also has zinc and lots of iron, Turkey Berry Tea for immuunity and Baobab powder for lots of Vitamin C and so much more. 



    Our body is the most sophisticated, ingenious and natural engine ever! Every part of us has been made to perfection and to function with precision. So when any part of it is out of sync, it manifests as symptoms and we don't feel well. When we  are unwell and we feed this natural engine with the nourishment, minerals, vitamins and fibre it needs, it begins to work like a well-oiled, well-tuned car engine and all systems begin to work together to heal itself and get back to its wonderful self.

    Don't forget that part of the healing process includes being stress free and getting enough sleep. We heal the quickest when we are asleep so this is one of the most important aspects.

    Surprisingly, a LOT of people cannot sleep! There is so much 'life pressure' that we just can't seem to switch off at night. That is why practising 10-15 minutes or more of Mindfullness before bed helps a great deal.

    I also get asked quite often how to prevent stress..... What do I do? I take each day one at a time focusing on each moment. Worrying about the past doesn't make any sense because it's already past, worrying about what might happen in the future doesn't make sense because it hasn't happened yet, so I will concentrate on TODAY so I don't miss any moment.

    My mantra? "Every Day Must Bring Me Joy". This doesn't mean you will not have times of darkness or heartache. Ask yourself what each and every situation is teaching you and learn the lessons so you can use it in the future.



    I've also come to realise that this pandemic is a time when we are isolating and spending more time at home with family. It's a time for us to be STILL and find and/or appreciate what the important things in our lives are. Pick up the phone today and tell your family/friends how much they are loved. This is a time for deeper, more meaningful connections. There are a lot of people having a hard time with their emotional and mental health. Let's talk, let's stay connected through the medium of technology. 





    We have all the tools and everything we need in our own hands. We must each take responsibility for our own health and we WILL get through this together.



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    Thank you for reminding us that “we heal the quickest when we are asleep”. And, yes, we are blessed in Ghana with our natural foods and herbs. Various vegetables, the Neem tree, and more… are all here for us to stay strong and fit.


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