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Hot Pepper Sauce (Shito), Ready to Cook Packs, 100g

Hot Pepper Sauce (Shito), Ready to Cook Packs, 100g

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Are you short of time? Are you tired of standing over the stove for hours to cook a meal? Then these ready to cook shito (hot pepper sauce) packs are just what you need. Made with the ingredients you need in healthy vegetable variants, they are pre-packed and ready to use.

They come in the following variants:

1. Regular Shito

2. Mushroom Shito

3. Chocho Fruit Shito

4. Turkey Berry Shito

5. Moringa Shito



1. Heat your oil in a saucepan. 

2. Pour the contents of the shito pack into a bowl and dampen with a little water. Add to oil and stir. Your shito should be ready in 2 minutes.

3. Take the saucepan from the heat and allow the shito to cool. You can then pack into bottles and enjoy.

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