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Ionic Foot Detox with Aromatherapy, 45 minutes

Ionic Foot Detox with Aromatherapy, 45 minutes

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The Ionic Foot Detox is like a sigh of relief for your bones. Feel the stress melt away, breathe a fuller and more satisfying breath, notice as your brain clears, and the pain in your body and joints subside. You feel renewed and refreshed as the Ionic Foot Detox gently cleanses your body of toxins. Feel refreshed as if you took a long walk on the beach and breathed in the ionic rich air. 

We tend to accumulate and store toxins due to poor diet, high stress, medical procedures or chemicals in our environment. Essentially everything we put in our mouths, on our skin or hair, breathe and bathe in gets taken into our body. Eventually these acid wastes attach to joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands causing minor and major dysfunction.

An Ionic Foot Detox alkalises the blood and tissues. Ions attach themselves to and neutralise toxic substances such as chlorine, fluoride, and aluminium and draws them out of the body through the feet. It helps your body re-balance and heal itself. 

You will feel lighter, more energised and have an increased sense of well-being. 

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