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BodyFlow Energy@Flow Massage, 60Min

BodyFlow Energy@Flow Massage, 60Min

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Energy Flow uses a combination of patting, slapping & stretching techniques with acu- trigger points & hammer massage to activate our immune system to engage & accelerate the self healing process.

As long as a smooth flow of Ashe is reaching all the organs there’s never any pain or discomfort while having Energy Flow. If we feel pain in any area it’s a clear signal of imbalances in the organ connected with that particular point on our body.

EnergyFlow identifies specific blockages in the body, promotes deep detoxification, clears blockages, removes any toxins & revitalises energy flow to our entire body.

AVAILABLE 19th May 2023


Our BodyFlow healer, Sankara, is a returning Ghanaian who wants to share the accumulation of 40 years of explorative travel around the globe in search of effective & holistic massage & self healing therapies.

Sankara has worked & studied with various bodywork techniques in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Gstaad, Belize, Bali, Chiang Mai & Singapore and uses the Tok Sen Thai Hammer Massage as part of his therapy.




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