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Crystals - Onyx, The Protection Stone, Small

Crystals - Onyx, The Protection Stone, Small

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Onyx is protective stone which should be worn when facing adversities or uncertain situations, or to act as a defence against negative energies - internal and external. It also has protective qualities that helps to impart courage into its wearer. 

Onyx alleviates worry, tension and fear, and eliminates confusion.



  • Wear onyx as jewellery to bolster your confidence and encourage forward progress in your life.
  • Place an onyx in a glass of water and then drink the elixir to feel the healing vibrations in your body. These vibrations will instill a sense of calm and provide release from periods of anxiety. Just remember to take the stone out before drinking.
  • Hold an onyx in your hand while you meditate and focus on it in your practice to clear your mind and facilitate a clear connection with spiritual guidance.
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