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BodyFlow Tok Sen Thai Hammer Massage, 60Min

BodyFlow Tok Sen Thai Hammer Massage, 60Min

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The Tok Sen or Hammer Massage originated & was developed in the ancient Kingdom of Lana (Chiang Mai), by Shivago Komarpaj some 2500 years ago.
It is a vibrational therapy using the tapping of a special wooden hammer & pegs combined with acu-trigger points that creates a healing vibration which penetrates deep into the muscles.

Tok Sen is a unique, one of a kind of massage. It relieves physical aches & pains, removes energy blockages, improves blood circulation, provides relaxation, boosts the immune system, increases flexibility in the muscles, increases mobility, improves the musculoskeletal system, body toning, raises energy levels & stamina, helps to clear & calm the mind, increases concentration & creativity, & relieves stress.

It also works to clear blockages in our energy flow. Blocked energy channels can result in insufficient supply of prana, or Ashe, which in turn manifests as ill health.





Our BodyFlow healer, Sankara, is a returning Ghanaian who wants to share the accumulation of 40 years of explorative travel around the globe in search of effective & holistic massage & self healing therapies.

Sankara has worked & studied with various bodywork techniques in London, Paris, Los Angeles, Gstaad, Belize, Bali, Chiang Mai & Singapore and uses the Tok Sen Thai Hammer Massage as part of his therapy.





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